“The course has made me feel free from inside. And isn’t that a wonderful feeling for a prisoner?”
Detainee, Belgium

“This course does what no therapy does: it goes directly to the core.”
Detainee, Belgium

“Without a doubt, I will strongly recommend this course to not just persons, but to all humankind.”
Detainee, UK

“Until Prison SMART, I was filled with rage and violence. Now I only want to love and serve the entire world.”

“It has been easier for several of the residents to receive the therapeutic treatments after they have participated in the Breathe SMART courses.”
Jorgen Maltesen, Project leader (alcohol and drug addicts), Alfa-Fredensborg, Denmark

“From the first day I was in jail, I felt that this was the worst thing to happen to me. But now, the Prison Program has given me a lot of peace. The thoughts have gone and I feel so good in my mind and heart!”
Inmate, India

“To tell you the truth, this class was the opposite of what I believed it would be. It is more than breathing. It is finding out who you really are, and once that happens, life seems to become a little easier. The breathing takes out all the tension that flows through your body and especially the mind.”
Minor, Challenger Memorial Youth Centre

“I’ve learned to look within myself and not react so aggressively to things I don’t agree with. I have begun to smile again!”
Alena, Russian inmate

“Before this course I was afraid of the future, but now we have the feeling that we are also wanted. It is as if the division between criminals and normal citizens has ceased to exist.”
Inmate, India

“My first reaction was “No way!! I’m not going to sit there and meditate.” But I really feel that it helps. I am calmer inside and take things easier.”
Ronnie, Horserød State Prison, Denmark

“I have discovered that I can attain an inner peace through the breathing exercises and that there exists peace for our mind.”
Inmate, Belgium

“Before I took the course I was always thinking of the past or the future and of all the things I was not in control of. Now – when I get sad – I turn my focus inward, breathe in deeply a couple of times and start the breathing exercises. I have found a tremendous peace inside.”
Reno, 22, serving a drug sentence in Horserød State Prison, Denmark

“The course gives the possibility to feel happy independent of the circumstances one finds oneself in.”
Inmate, Belgium

“If something bothers me, I do not express it, but store it inside. The course was very good. I sleep better. Thoughts that made me angry last week, don’t affect me any longer. I have learned not to live in the past and not to postpone happiness. That I have to be happy NOW.”
Inmate, Belgium

“I had subscribed for the course in order to be away from my cell. I did not expect to experience so much benefit. I learned that using the breath I can release a lot of stress and aggression. There should be more courses like these.”
Inmate, Belgium

“This period in prison has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I was very sad and depressed. I felt within me that my whole system was in prison. I found it very difficult to interact with the other inmates. But since I have been in this course with the Prison SMART I feel better. I feel within my soul that I am free. I have a better connection with the other inmates. So I want to say thank you to Prison SMART for coming into my life at a time where I needed it the most.”
Female inmate, 32, Norway

“I never realised how much tension I had until I started this course. I was definitely more stressed and angry before. It’s a better place now. It feels like a weight has been lifted and there is no more worries. This course has done wonders for me and I have taken more from this course than any other. Just like to say thanks for giving me this chance. Thanks.”
Inmate, UK

“My state of mind before the course, I was stressed out, in so much regret, I just couldn’t forgive myself for being in prison, couldn’t stop thinking about the set back and what people will be thinking of me. I was heart- broken and felt like I wanted to die. I learnt all about the bullet points, how to forgive myself, how to be in control of my emotions, ego, and be aware of my entire environment. I also learnt how to breathe out all the pain and stress. My state of mind after the course is freedom within me and being very aware of my emotions, ego, and of everything. This course is very encouraging. I have learnt a lot that I didn’t know before. I have forgotten and forgiven myself about the past. I’m a happy man within. When I am anywhere I know how to control my ego, emotion, and be aware of everything around me.
The teacher is very good, the process she uses to teach is very effective, encouraging and educating. It would be nice if all prisoners can get a chance to attend. Thank you for letting me in this course.”
Inmate, UK

“All my hopes and expectations have been far exceeded. I´ve experienced miracles that I never believed in as a realist.”
Female inmate, Germany

„My attitude and my view have changed. I accept myself again as an independent person and also as a woman.“
Female inmate, Germany

“For me the course was so relieving. My physical well-being improved very much (better sleep, less tension and pain). Furthermore I can deal with fear better now. I feel more balanced and relaxed. I´m experiencing the peace of mind every day, because I can gradually reduce my feelings of aggression.”
Female inmate, Germany

„I became a lot calmer and less agressive because of the breathing technique. I can recommend the course. It was a Hit. I am completely fit with the breathing technique.“
Female inmate, Germany

“The exercises help me to get out of negative thinking circles.”
Female inmate, Germany

“This therapy caused that I am a completely different man, relaxed and peaceful.”
Inmate, Poland