The Prison SMART program in Kosovo began in 2004, with a pilot program at Lipljan Prison. Since then, hundreds of prison staff and prisoners have undergone the program every week for several years. Reaching out to all ethnicities – Serbs, Albanians, Romas – the programs have brought about such positive transformations that the Department of Justice in Kosovo opened the door for Prison SMART in all of Kosovo’s prisons.


First Prison SMART course: 2004

Estimated number of prisoners trained: 300


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Mike Newman, Director, Dubrava Prison, Kosovo Correctional Service

Kujtim Zylfiu, Director, Gilan Detention Center, Kosovo Correctional Service
“110 prisoners and prison staff in Gilan Detention Center have undergone Prison SMART. The experiences of those who took the trainings are very positive and beneficial. The course participants were Serbs and Albanians. They had experience of peacefulness and great relief from depression, anger, insomnia and irritability. I strongly encourage others to benefit from Prison SMART.”

Ago Kolic, Director, Peja Detention Center, Kosovo Correctional Service
“Prison SMART is an ongoing program at Peja prison, whereby nearly half of our prison staff has been given the tools to dissolve job-related stress. Our staff members have been impressed with the effectiveness of this program. They have reported an experience of deep peace, contentment, self-esteem and empowerment. We admire the dedication of IAHV UK as they continue to enhance the overall well being of the prison population in this facility, as well as other Kosovo Correctional Institutions.”

Rasim Selmani, Director, Pristina Detention Center, Kosovo Correctional Service
“Prison SMART is an ongoing program at Pristina Detention Center. More than half of this facility’s population have been involved. This program has turned out to be very effective and helpful to our prison staff.”

Samih Shala, Director, Prizren Detention Center, Kosovo Correctional Service
“80% of our staff members have already learnt this program. My personal experience and the experiences of our staff members have shown that these simple, yet powerful breathing techniques bring deeper sleep, relaxed state of mind and inner peace.”