As one of the rarer countries in Europe, Prison SMART Portugal has given several courses for youth offenders who are living in closed and half-open regimes in an Educational Center. The first Non Aggression Program (an introductory program) took place in March 2011 for 15 girls who had committed serious crimes. Follow-up sessions with the girls were organised every 15 days , till a Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES) was organised in the Educational Center in October 2011. Again, follow-up sessions were organised every 15 days till May 2012.

Also the staff of the Educational Center, including the director, animators, teachers and guards, followed Prison SMART in December 2011.

In June _ July 2012 two YES Prison Smart Programs were held for 27 boys inmates, aged 13-17 years, from a close and a half open security regime. All of them had committed serious crimes and were locked up in the Educational Center with court sentences from 6 months up to 5 years. Follow-up sessions are conducted every 15 days.


First Prison SMART course: March 2011

Number of Prison SMART trainings: 8

Number of prisoners trained: 42 youth + 34 adults

Number of prison staff trained: 13


Prisons where Prison SMART was held:

Centro Educativo Navarro de Paiva

Estabelecimento Prisional do Linhó

CONTACT: Joana Cordeiro


+351 9091706


“It was of particular interest to alleviate the stress, strengthen the relationships between colleagues and, above all, it helped all those involved to be more happy. Smiling brings people together and breaks barriers.”

Staff of Educational Center

“We did many games in which we had to work together, have confidence in our partners and specially ourselves. We always have to give 100% in everything, otherwise it is better not to do it. Doing it half way is not enough to get our goal. We thank Michal and the director for allowing us to have this experience.” Jéssica M. – 16 years old – 3 years prison time
“Yoga was tranquility in the soul.” Jéssica A. – 15 years old – 2 years and 6 moths prison time
“It was a good experience, because I could relax and think about the good and bad things that happened in my life. It allowed me to get more calm and cheerful.” Inês – 17 years old – 1 year and 6 months prison time

“Being who I am
In just a second
I can met someone different
Someone that makes me think, dream
In a consequent way
I can fly in my thoughts
Go to unknown places
Feel different sensations
Of long lost spaces
Discover life without fear
I can and I should be who I am
Without capes to hide myself
Because the past is gone
Life is like a puzzle
Sometimes I cannot find the right pieces
But all we have to do is fight, search
And we find open doors.”
Jéssica A. – 15 years old – 2 years and 6 moths prison time

“My Moments.
I went through several moments inside
There were several moments that I even cried
There were several moments thinking
It took several moments to get friends
There were moments in which I could reflect
With all the stupid things I did, I ended up at an Educative Center
I think it was the best way, to set right my life
Today I have goals in life and that is what is most important
And inside here they taught me not to lose hope on any instant
So I will give you one advice, never stop the fight
But not fighting aggressively. And fight, yes… For your happiness!”
Nádia B. – 15 years old – 4 years prison time


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