The first Prison SMART trainings in Turkey took place in Umraniye Prison in Istanbul in March 2013. They were attended by 40 prisoners from the Type T and Type E Penal Institution.


First Prison SMART course: March 2013

Number of Prison SMART trainings: 2

Number of prisoners trained: 40


Prisons where Prison SMART was held:

Umraniye Prison, Type E and type T Penal Institution, Istanbul


CONTACT: Mina Ercel



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Mehmet Çıtak, Principal, Ümraniye Type T Penal Institution:

“It has been observed that the “Prison Smart – Correct Breathing Techniques” workshop executed between 25-28 March 2013 for the rehabilitation of the prisoners in Ümraniye Type T Penal Institution had a positive impact on the prisoners in our institution. We would like to thank you for your contribution which was fully cooperative with the staff of our institution throughout the whole process, and express our willingness to continue this program with both prisoners and staff.”